Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Makers: The New Industrial Revolution

Fantastic presentation by Chris Anderson (author of The Long Tail) on how 3D printing and on demand manufacturing is about to spark innovation and change on the level of the industrial revolution by empowering anyone to manufacture nearly anything they want. It's a long presentation but highly thought provoking, well worth a watch. It's a topic we believe in strongly in the mass customisation space.

via @sammartino


  1. Every now and then I get excited about 3D printing - it is just such a grand concept, and the cost of 3d printers has really come down quite a bit. But when I try to think & google practical implementations of the technology - very few real products come up. Michael, any ideas how you could potentially add more value to your product, or a related product, with 3d printing?

  2. @Bobby 3D printers are only getting started. It's like computers 30 years ago. No one is quite sure what to do with them... yet! But once we have printers that can print plastic, ceramic, organic material, metal, electronics etc all in one go, there won't be much we won't be able to print - computers, phones, toasters, plastic toys, clothing, food (?) you name it. Give it 5 - 10 years and this technology is going to rock.

  3. Mike, I just hope you and me figure out where the business is, before it is too late :-)