Friday, April 13, 2012

We're Hiring: Online Marketing Manager / Analyst

As Shoes of Prey continues to grow, we are looking for an Online Marketing Manager with a strong analytical background to help us drive new customer acquisition and repeat buying from our existing customers.

You’ll be testing, executing and measuring campaigns using AdWords, Facebook, display, email marketing, affiliate advertising, cross promotions, partnerships and potentially more traditional channels like print, radio and TV with the goal of acquiring customers for Shoes of Prey at a reasonable cost and at scale. Your key goal will be to test and find successful channels, then focus on acquiring as many customers as possible through them.

You'll work with the rest of our marketing team to have content and graphics created etc. for your campaigns, but you'll be planning, executing and measuring them.

You will have had significant experience in many of the above marketing channels, with a particular passion and focus on measuring and tracking performance. You will ideally have worked in a similar role at another online retailer, e-commerce company, or agency. The role is based in our Sydney office. You will report into Michael Fox, our Chief Operations Officer.

We’re in two minds as to the level of experience we want for this role, so the salary range is quite broad - if we find an awesome junior we’ll hire them, if the best person for the role is more senior we’ve budgeted for this possibility too. So the package will be $50k - $100k (based on experience) + bonus + generous stock options + lunch everyday + snacks + shoes. If we hit our goals over the next 5 years you'll do very well out of the stock options. If we find the right person internationally, we're willing to sponsor someone from overseas to move to Australia for this role.

To apply for this role please email a cover letter and resume to

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