Monday, June 13, 2011

Sydney entrepreneurs running group

I've blogged previously about how I aim to keep healthy and fit while doing a startup. I've been sticking to that pretty well but at times it is challenging to fit everything in.

Something I've been finding works well is the 'running meeting' where instead of catching up with someone for a beer, I catch up with them for a run. Last Wednesday Robbie Rankin of Car Joy and I did just that. We met up at the Shoes of Prey office and did about a ~12km run down around the harbour and back.

We enjoyed it so much we thought we'd see if there's any interest in a 'Sydney entrepreneurs running group' where whoever wants to comes along for a run on Wednesday nights. We've got a few people already for this Wednesday night and if anyone else would like to join us feel free.

What: ~12km relatively steady paced run with entrepreneurial types
Where: Meet at the Shoes of Prey office in Surry Hills
When: 6pm Wednesday night. Depart 6:10pm, return around 7:30pm.

Leave a comment or email me if you're in (

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  1. Man, do I relate. I love cardio, especially trail running and that has ground to a halt since starting a new biz. Of course, a new baby in the house and a move haven't helped much either. ;)

    If I was in Sydney, I'd be joining you on Wednesday. Instead I will feed off your post and get out for an hour or so after the hockey game tonight. Go Canucks!

    Thanks for sharing and keep the fitness going.

  2. I have an extremely busy schedule and I try all means and ways to keep fit too. My brains have an entire storage of ideas on how to juggle work and personal life but sometimes they simply cannot be squeezed into this hectic work life. Nonetheless, I try my very best to at least perform one form of exercise at home before dinner or so.