Sunday, September 26, 2010

Landing Pages

Something we've been a little slack at is putting together pages talking about the different types of shoes we offer, like wedding shoes, bridesmaid shoes, shoes for large feet etc. A couple of weeks ago we finally got our act together and put some of these pages together.

The logic of these pages is 3 fold:

1. To provide customers browsing our site with information about the specific shoes types of shoes they're after.
2. To improve our search engine rankings on terms like 'wedding shoes', 'bridesmaid shoes' and 'shoes for large feet' etc. and provide a landing page for people who arrive at our website after searching for those terms.
3. To provide a landing page for our Google AdWords ad groups targeting different types of customers searching for things like 'wedding shoes' etc.

Below are the pages we've put together. Where possible we've included photos, video content and testimonials that are applicable to the content on the page. We used Google Insights for Search to determine which keywords are most popular in each category, and we then made sure we included those keywords in the content:

We're hoping that this information is useful for our customers and helps to drive some traffic from search engines. If you've done a similar content strategy on your site or have seen someone else do it well we'd love to hear about what you/they did and how it went.


  1. Hey Guys,

    Good route to take. Can I suggest looking at performable/unbounce, if only for inspiration.

    The first things that jump at me are doing things like removing any distractions - like the top nav etc.,


  2. Hello Micheal,

    Interesting blog, I clicked on the wedding shoes link. The first thing I noticed is 5 images of shoes that to me don't look like wedding shoes??? I've had look at your site and I'm aware you can customise shoes to preference. In the UK wedding shoes are traditionally generic colours of white. I think if a person is searching for wedding shoes using Google, they expect to land on a page and the first thing which jumps out at them is generic white colours of wedding shoes. It could be an improvement if the examples on the page looked like wedding shoes. Although maybe it's becoming trendy for brides to wear coloured shoes as displayed. Excellent site!!!

  3. Performable and Unbounce look like pretty good business, some good inspiration there, thanks C Priest. Good suggestion to think about removing distractions on the landing pages ideally that's something we'd test.

    Jock - Good point about the wedding shoes. Most of those have actually been ordered as wedding shoes but as you say we need some white/ivory shoes in there as they are definitely very popular. Until recently we'd had issues photographing white/ivory shoes properly and separating the shoes from the background but we've resolved that so should have some new shoe images to put on the page shortly. Thanks for pointing that out, it's a good suggestion to make sure we do change the images as soon as we can.

    Thanks guys.