Monday, May 31, 2010

How we tripled our sales using YouTube

Back in March we wrote about our marketing experience with Blair Folwer, aka Juicystar07, a 16 (now 17) year old video blogger on YouTube.

About the only thing that could have worked out better for us in the week after the video went live was the conversions we were getting from the massive spike in traffic. Blair's audience is 13-17 year old females. They love shoes and clearly love to design shoes but we're a little out of their budget so initially we weren't seeing sales spike in the same way that traffic to our site was.

In the week after the video went live we went into overdrive to best capitalise on the non-converting traffic.

1. The 13-17 year old girls were talking about us on Facebook and Twitter so we made some changes to our website to make it easier for them to share the shoes they'd designed through these social networks.

2. We ran searches on Twitter to find every conversation about our brand, and we joined those conversations and engaged with the people who were talking about us.

The goal from these two activities was to have the conversations that were starting with 13-17 year old girls, reach their older friends, older sisters and mothers who form our target market.

3. We wrote our blog post about our experience from the video.

In addition to sharing what we'd learnt, part of the goal here was to have the business press write about us - professional women form a key part of our target market.

So we used Twitter to spread the word about our blog post. The post was picked up quite quickly. Robert Scoble tweeted the link nearly as soon as the post went live. He's got nearly 120,000 Twitter followers and is quite well known in Tech circles.

Google's @App_Engine account tweeted about it because we use Google AppEngine to host our website, which was lucky given the enormous traffic spike the video sent us. Here's the data from their tweet:

And here's the data from our original tweet:

You'll see in those last two bitly links that nearly 100 people retweeted the story and the link to the blog post and that nearly 3,000 people clicked those links and visited our blog. No doubt some of those people were journalists who then wrote about us.

And here's some of the press about the blog post that we came across:

And the final impact? In addition to being an amazing story about the power of online media, our daily sales are now consistently 3 times higher than they were in the weeks leading up to the video going live, that's a permanent 300% uplift in sales. Not all of that sales increase can be put down to the video, our second website redesign (not the latest one) and the changes we made based on your fantastic feedback has helped conversion rates, but there's no doubt that a good portion of the increase is a flow on from the video.

Online media, we love you.


  1. that's crazy! i don't follow all the tech stuff, but so great guys xo

  2. What a great case study for the use of video and integrated social media platforms. Congratulations on your success and thanks for sharing. Got some good ideas here.