Monday, February 15, 2010

The Springwise and TechCrunch Effect

Last week was an exciting one for Shoes of Prey. In addition to moving into our new offices we had the good fortune to be written up by two of our favourite websites in the same week, Springwise and TechCrunch.

As entrepreneurs in the tech space know, these are two good sites to get written up on and I always wondered what their effect would be on a website's traffic. If you've ever wondered this too we thought we'd share our data with you.

The chart below shows our visits over the past month. It shows up a little small in this post but we were traveling fairly consistently between 1,000 and 2,000 daily visits until Tuesday of last week when the Springwise article was posted. Tuesday was a new record day at 3,971 visits, Wednesday beat that with 10,009 visits and Thursday is our new record day with 17,092 visits. The TechCrunch article was posted on Saturday and that helped keep our visits high over the weekend.

So what were our top referring sites and how much traffic did Springwise and TechCrunch send to us? Below are our top 10 referral sites for the month ending February 15. The first thing you'll notice is that after direct traffic, the top referring site is, a Russian news site. They wrote about us shortly after the Springwise article went up, so we assume that's how they came across us as Springwise is widely read by journalists. The Russian traffic didn't convert so well, but there were still plenty of new referring sites in Australia and the US that popped up following the Springwise article.

Another thing you'll note is that the traffic from Springwise and TechCrunch isn't actually that high. Springwise have a huge email subscription list and most tech geeks who read TechCrunch do so via an RSS reader (Mike and I included), so both these sites actually sent us a lot more traffic than Google Analytics shows.

Twitter also reached our top 10 referring sites for the first time thanks to TechCrunch requiring uses to retweet their post to enter the competition to win the gift voucher. That got a lot of people talking about us on Twitter which was great.

Another interesting point to note, the number of referring sites in Google Analytics jumped from 560 in the month to Feb 8 to 890 in the month to today. While a lot of those are email servers, there's still a good number of new sites that have linked to us which should be a nice boost on the SEO front.

So if you have a startup all this begs the question, how do you get on Springwise and TechCrunch? Both site's readers are interested in innovative businesses, so you'll either want to have a product that is new and innovative, or be able to pitch it to those guys in that way. A good effort I saw recently was how Good Crush did a play on the recent Parisian Love Google Superbowl Commercial and got themselves written up on TechCrunch for their efforts. Our earlier post about our 5 lessons from Darwin Dating also shares some thoughts on this. Even with all that though it isn't easy as both sites have lots of people pitching to them. We first pitched to them when we launched 4 months ago and only just got written up.

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  1. Kudos to you guys. Keep building momentum and gaining that valuable traction!