Friday, October 9, 2009

A Trademark Happy Ending

As we wrote 2 weeks ago, just prior to our launch we hit a snag with our name. We launched a competition to come up with a new name and we had some excellent suggestions. But the more we tried to come up with a new name the more we realised that Shoes of Prey hits our brand insight and is perfect for our business.

So we started discussions with the NZ based fashion label Verge, who owned the trademark 'Prey', to see if they'd be willing to sell it. Neil and Ian from Verge were super friendly to deal with and in the end they agreed to sell us the trademark which we are very happy with and grateful for, so if you're female and into fashion check out their new Summer 09 range, there's some great stuff there to go with your new shoes!... ;)

Even though we are now officially and legally Shoes of Prey, we still wanted to reward the brainstormer of the best name from our Namestorming Competition.

Drum roll please... and the winner is:

Louise Knapp who suggested 'Sleeping Fox'

Sleeping is a play on Mike's surname, Knapp and we fell in love with the imagery associated with the name. While we hadn't wanted to use our own names for the business, the word Fox does have a slight predatory element to it and we thought, while it wasn't super perfect, it could still work for our brand insight. was already registered but we contacted the owner, Thomas Brown (also a very friendly kiwi!) and purchased the domain from him. We think it's a name we might want to use for a future business so we've also kicked off trademark registration with that name using IP Australia's Trademark Headstart which we will now always use and will recommend to everyone else registering trademarks.

It was a stressful couple of weeks there but a great learning experience and a happy ending! Thanks so much to everyone for your support and brilliant namestorming. When we wrote that post we never expected to have such a fantastic response and so many wonderful, diverse ideas. Virtual hugs to you all. :)


  1. sleeping fox is a pretty cool name. glad it all worked out and keep up the blog posts.

  2. Yay! Needless to say I am super duper happy!!!!

  3. Thanks Sam, we're so glad it worked out too. And Lisa, thanks again for the name Shoes of Prey! Our week long brainstorming effort couldn't knock off your wine and sushi induced brilliance that is Shoes of Prey! :D