Sunday, June 29, 2014

Is a tough boss the best boss?

Great article in the Sydney Morning Herald titled "Is a tough boss the best boss?"

My favourite lines:

The respondents were asked what they hated the most at work. Number one on the list by far: lazy and underperforming colleagues. And, making it worse: their boss wasn’t doing anything about it.
Tough leadership is when leaders let employees know exactly where they stand without any timidity or ambiguity.
Tough leadership is when leaders set high standards to which they hold their teams to account.
It’s (tough leadership) most effective when used in short bursts and only when necessary.

via Geetika Marek Guz


  1. Interesting article. Have you seen this Simon Sinek video (basically a summary of his book Leaders Eat Last):
    I found it fascinating and polar oppostite to article. Synopsis is that your team should be so strong as a result of leaders actions that they all work together naturally (i.e. don't need big stick).

  2. Hi Michael, just found your site today. yeah, I don't think my boss is a tough boss. He definitely could be tougher, but does give the persona of toughness. Did that make sense? hehehe bosses should extend the limits of mates and bosses is what I guess I am saying, which is hard sometimes.