Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Dream Tree

This post was written by Lydia Milligan, who looks after a lot of the HR related projects within the team.

What’s your Dream? What countries do you want to visit? What skills have you always wanted to learn? Who is the person that you have always dreamed of becoming?

When do you want to achieve these dreams - in the next year? Five years? At some point before you pass through to the eternal kingdom?

Think about how you might achieve these dreams...

Just sit for a moment and think about the answers to those questions. Think about the hopes and desires which fill your daydreams every day when you’re sat at work. Got some ideas? Good! Now think about the idea of your boss helping you achieve those dreams. It’s a little odd, isn’t it? How many people have ever come across a boss who is really willing to help them go hang gliding, learn photography or travel around the world with their favourite band at the company’s expense and with no real gain for the company? It sounds ludicrous really, doesn’t it? But then consider this, how hard would you want to work for a boss who did care about your personal dreams. Imagine how loyal you would feel towards a company that helped you learn how to sail a yacht or invent teleportation? I’m willing to bet you’d feel pretty loyal, motivated and driven to work even harder. For that reason (and because it’s just a pretty cool thing to do), at Shoes of Prey, we’ve decided to start our own ‘Dream Tree’.

It was mid July when Michael first emailed me about this idea. He’d been thinking about the concept for a little while, what did I think about it and did I want to try and implement it at Shoes of Prey?

“I absolutely adore this, what a lovely idea.” I quickly wrote back, “Let’s definitely do it!” and so it began. I set about researching and defining what the idea really was about and how it would work for our team specifically.

There are a few different books and idea’s out there formed loosely around this concept so I never really got to the bottom of where the concept originally began but the most inspirational video I came across along the way and what I based a lot of our Dreams Program on was, ‘What’s Your Dream’ by Matthew Kelly:

For me, he really get’s it when he says:

“It creates a team bond that you simply cannot create by talking about your business. People are people, they are most engaged when you allow them to be people” and it’s so true! Talking about each others dreams and ambitions. Allowing a space for your employees to get to know each other on a deeper and more personal level creates friendship. Friendship in turn creates a loyalty and a determination within the team to work hard for each other and this in turn creates a strong business.

So what did we end up with? Well, we sent out an email asking everyone to list 10 dreams they’d like to achieve at some point in the future. We included a list of questions to help get people thinking and inspire them and asked them to bring these along to, ‘Breakfast in the Park’. So there we were, one sunny Friday morning earlier this month, sitting on the grass and writing our dreams on little pieces of brightly coloured paper. Once we had all written out our dreams, we then asked everyone to share three of their 10 dreams and pin these to the tree, posting the other 7 in the ‘dream jar’. We went round the circle sharing, laughing and learning about each other in a way we hadn’t ever done before. Some talked of dreams to ‘have coffee with Julia Gillard’, ‘learn a language’ or ‘restore an old car’ some joked that they’d ‘love to work on the beach’. After sharing, I gave everyone a little bit of glitter, which together we sparked on the tree and there, 'The Dream Tree’ was born. Cheesy yet fun, all at the same time.

DaveDave dreamt for more champagne!

The ‘Dream Tree’ now sits in the centre of our office complete with ‘dreamspiration’ and our team motto, ‘Heel The World’. We’ve encouraged the team to continue to add to the tree and share their dreams with each other. What we have also done is create a way for the team to nominate each other for doing an awesome job and the top three nominees of the quarter will have their dreams awarded by the founders. We’ll also look to grant any dreams we think are worthy along the way.

At this point, we don’t really know how it will work out in the long run. What I do know however, is that we had a great morning sharing and getting to know each other. We all continue to enjoy learning about each others dreams via the dream tree and I feel proud to be at a workplace like this every time I see that tree. I can’t wait to grant our first dream, watch this space...

*All dreams mentioned throughout this article are real dreams shared by our team, and yes, even inventing teleportation!

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