Monday, September 30, 2013

Employee Net Promoter Score

In June I wrote a post outlining our use of the Net Promoter System to gain an insight into how likely our customers are to share our product with their friends and colleagues, and to get regular feedback from them on how we can improve our business.

2 months ago we introduced a monthly Employee Net Promoter Score survey to gain the same feedback from our team about how likely they were to recommend a friend to work at Shoes of Prey, and what we can do to improve that score. It's been an incredible insight for Jodie, Mike and I and has given us some fantastic ways we can improve.

Here's an email I wrote to the team earlier this month summarising the August. I've redacted two points which we need to keep confidential for now.

As discussed in today's huddle, the feedback from the employee net promoter score in August was once again fantastic and helpful for us as we strive to passionately create happiness and make Shoes of Prey an awesome place to work.


  • Redacted
  • The biggest thing people love about Shoes of Prey is the awesome colleagues we all work with.
  • The score improved from 35 in July to 39 in August. This is a very good score, we have a lot of 9s and 10s, but it's not as high as the 60-80+ scores we get from our customers and there is significant room for further improvement, so to focus on that...

Area to improve
3 issues from July were repeated again in August:

  • High workload and stress remains an issue. This issue is a challenge for any high growth company - limited resources and constant change are big drivers of stress. We'll continue to do our best to manage this by ensuring teams are resourced appropriately, and if you have concerns about this please speak to your manager or me. The proposal in August was to introduce more 'quick break' activities into the office beyond ping pong, football and frisbee in the park. Please reply to Lydia and I with ideas here. When Dave's back, we'll organise to eat lunch in the park once every few weeks when the weather is nice so we get some fresh air.
  • Redacted
  • Career progression is still an issue. When this came up last time we implemented the career survey form which hopefully everyone has completed and discussed with your manager. If you haven't completed that form please do so and bring it to your next 1:1. If career progression is still a concern for you after this, please raise the issue with either your manager or me and we'd love to discuss it with you further. This is an issue I think is critical for retaining the awesome people we have here at Shoes of Prey and it's an issue close to my heart. I loved working at Google but this is one of the key reasons I left, so I know what a concern this can be.

Some additional feedback/suggestions which we love and will improve:

  • Social activities and getting to know the team. People want more of this and to add activities that don't involve drinking. In response to this I've organised the "Jobs" movie night evening. We'll aim to do lunch picnics in the park (see above) and if someone would like to organise a Shoes of Prey sports team in a mixed activity like netball or soccer, the company will fund the entry fees. Let me know if you'd like to organise this.
  • Culture committee. We'd like to establish a culture committee with at least one person from each team. This committee will work with Lydia and I to continue improving the culture at Shoes of Prey and to execute the feedback in our employee net promoter score surveys. If you'd like to join the committee please email Lydia and I.
  • Founders are becoming more distant. We're out of the office and less in touch with what people are working on. This is good feedback for Jodie, Mike and I - thanks. I want you to know that we want to be involved and know what you're working on, we've added this as an agenda item to our catch up next week so we'll put together a plan on how to improve on this.
  • Banquet lunches. Some people have missed getting much lunch on these days. Let's all take reasonably sized first helpings and not go back for seconds until everyone has had a first helping. We'll also aim to balance the quantities we order and get that right.

Thanks again to Lydia for managing the process, and thanks to those who completed the survey, it's incredibly helpful.

We're planning to continue doing this monthly.

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