Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mass Customisation Going Mainstream

Last year Google spent $12.5b buying the mobile phone company Motorola. This year they're launching a mass customised phone! You can see a demo of their mass customisation software in the video embedded below.

We're big believers at Shoes of Prey in the trend that people want personalised products. It's fantastic to see companies like Google/Motorola picking up on the same trends and launching mass customised products.

via Brendan Forster


  1. The idea and product is not as impressive as Shoes of Prey. Thanks Mike for sharing.

  2. Mass customisation is definitely gaining momentum in the online retail space. It's where I'm sitting too.

    Brands who offer a co-designing platform need to build confidence and trust into their customisable products. People are often afraid to "design their own" for fear of 'getting it wrong' or making the wrong choices.

    This fear of getting it wrong may not apply to phones but it would certainly apply to shoes or furniture, which are generally bigger-ticket and more considered purchases.

    You guys have gone the right way to solve this issue by offering a water-tight returns/remake policy and offering customers "ready-designed" shoes to buy or tweak. Plus inspiring and educating people through social proof. We all like to know someone did it before us! Even though we want to be unique - ha!

  3. I need to agree with Johnson.
    This phone is not that revolutionary as expected.
    And option for constant listening to owner for commands opens possible issues for privacy.
    We will see.