Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Customers

Our Customer Happiness Team do an amazing job with customer support at Shoes of Prey. It can be a tough job because they tend to deal mostly with customers who have issues of some kind - they might ask for a special request with their order, they require their shoes to be remade in another size or perhaps their shoes are running late because our factory is a little behind on orders. However the team almost always manage to turn around an unhappy customer and impress them enough that they go away wanting to spread the word about Shoes of Prey.

Last quarter the team received 229 emails from customers so happy that they emailed in congratulating us on our service. That's pretty impressive for a customer happiness team of 7. These emails are fun to receive and we share them amongst the team. We asked one recent customer Erin if we could share her email on our blog:

Dear Shoes of Prey,

I received my shoes today and felt I had to send you a note. I'm absolutely and completely in love with them!

I really just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for providing this service, and conducting it so well. I enjoyed the entire design process: receiving the photo of my finished shoe via email, the fact that the stated price as you're building is, in fact, the entire amount you will be billed (taxes, shipping and fees included), and finally receiving the much anticipated pair of shoes in a lovely package, complete with helpful accessories that were a welcome surprise.

I will admit that I did have some trouble with DHL and the delivery (their in-house communication is sorely lacking), but was lucky enough to accept the delivery while I was still at the office. My entire marketing division (populated primarily by women) knew that these shoes were on their way, and were awaiting the arrival anxiously. Several have designed shoes for themselves via your website and were contemplating purchasing, but wanted to wait until I got mine so that they could judge the quality and experience from my journey through the process. Everyone flocked to my desk during what can only be described as the 'Opening Ceremony', and 'ooh'-ed and 'aah'-ed as each layer of packaging was revealed (the paper, bow, accessories and shoe-bag). The shoes themselves are absolutely wonderful, and more comfortable than I could have possibly hoped a 4 1/2" heeled shoe could be. I know this, because I was enjoined to try them on immediately and model them for the crowd.

You have certainly earned a number of fans in Toronto, and I have been singing your praises and bragging about my new shoes to anyone and everyone who would listen. I will definitely be coming back to order more shoes through the site, and I believe that at least half (and this is a conservative estimate) of my office will as well......not to mention a few of my friends outside work.

Thank you once again. I hope you continue to grow, and provide this amazing service to women around the world.

Erin Dwyer.

It's incredibly rewarding to receive emails like this. Well done and thanks to Dione, Lucy, Anna, Marcela, Brigette, Lydia and Sam on all their great work!