Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sydney Appiness

The team at Pollenizer, with sponsorship from Telstra are running a hackathon to make apps for charities. Details from their website:


24th, 25th of May and 1st June @ Pollenizer Hive, Surry Hills

Make somebody happy with an app they need.

Appiness is for people who love to make something new. We invite designers, engineers and entrepreneurs to gather for two and a half days of relentless creativity to build brand new apps that truly help people.

The competition begins on Friday evening (24th May 2013) with a pitch for help from four charities. After the pitches, we form into teams and get issued with an Appiness toolkit for each member of the team.

Over the next two Saturdays (25th May 2013 and 1st June 2013) and any time we have in between, we build our apps.

Teams will be supported by leading figures in the Australian startup community and the winners will be backed by Telstra and Pollenizer to take the product forward to the next level.

Places strictly limited to 50 attendees.

You can apply for a spot here: http://appiness.eventbrite.com

It's a fantastic concept, is a great opportunity to give back and no doubt will be both fun and a good Sydney startup community networking opportunity. Mike and Ritwik from the Shoes of Prey team have both applied to attend.

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