Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Welcome to the team Ben and Dylan

It's with great pleasure that I introduce Ben and Dylan to the Shoes of Prey team.

Ben is studying software engineering and commerce at the University of NSW. Ben worked with us over summer as a full time software engineering intern and we've been so happy with his work he's staying on with us part time now University has gone back for the semester. Ben's been working on some fantastic improvements to our 3D shoe designer which we'll announce and launch in the not too distant future. When he's not coding women's shoe designers Ben listens to music, plays guitar, basketball, soccer and like many on our team plays video games! Thanks for a great summer Ben and welcome to the team part time.

Dylan is studying software engineering and science, majoring in mathematics at the University of NSW. Dylan joined us late last year in a tech support role helping us keep our network up and running, setting up and maintaining servers and generally maintaining all the computer equipment in our office. Dylan also played a huge role in our recent office move helping organise a seamless transfer with very little downtime for our team. We've loved working with Dylan so much that he's also joining us in a permanent part time 'Growth Hacking' role now that the semester has gone back. In Dylan's spare time he likes cycling, rowing, and tries to hit the snow at every opportunity he gets. He also loves travelling and great food.

Please join me in welcoming Ben and Dylan to the team!


  1. Michael,

    Looks like you guys are doing awesome! Congrats on your success. I posted on your blog about a year ago and threatened to start a mass customization wetsuit business. Inspired by Shoes of Prey, I actually pulled the trigger and have sourced the materials, built the technology and found a willing / able vendor. One huge question mark I have is how shipping worked in the beginning ? Its expensive to ship one offs obviously and profitability is highly dependent on economies of scale of shipping 10-50 pieces a day. When you started with 1,2 orders a day if that, how did you manage shipping? Did you just shoulder the costs until you hit scale?

    I apologize as this is probably not the best place to post but I thought I would try anyways (:

    Another more related question. What department did you feel was important as the first hire outside of the founders? (Customer Service, CS, Operations, Marketing, etc)

    Congrats on the new hires by the way, they look very promising!



    1. Hi Alex, we found a shipping consolidation company in China where we could get decent rates with low orders. They were cowboys and the quality of their shipping wasn't great, so we moved away from them as soon as we could, but they did the job early on.

      Our first hires were 2 people in China to help us process orders. 3rd hire was customer service to take that work away from me so I could focus on growing the business.

      Best of luck!

  2. Michael,

    I know you are a busy man, so really appreciate the reply. This is great info and will put it to good use!

    Will continue to spread the word about shoes of prey (: