Friday, March 1, 2013

Learn to code

Great video. If I had my time again I'd study computer science with either commerce, law or mandarin as a second degree. Tell anyone thinking through what they should study at university the same!


  1. Hhhhmmm.. Michael I suspect there is still time to do any of these....
    I am almost 48 and completely recreating my life - becoming an internet entrepreneur... Ha!.. so whilst I am not a genius or learning to code I am breaking through in to the unknown and it really is just using my life skills, a small amount of capital and a LOT of faith with little support. As they say a 'lot of things are intimidating'....

  2. Coding doesn't have be learnt in Uni. I learnt outside in one year and had an ecommerce site generate 40,000 in sales. Most people assume its hard but it's not with so much reference material available.