Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We're Hiring: Sales Person for a PR Role

I recently attended a seminar by Cameron Herold and following on from the seminar I read his book, Double Double. One of the chapters in Double Double outlines that PR is best done by a sales person. The key to getting successful press is to have 5 or so different stories you can pitch to different press, so for us this might be a fashion angle for fashion press, a tech story for tech press etc. then hire a sales person who's job it is to "sell" the stories to journalists and have them published. A good sales person is able to build a pipeline of potential leads, consistently follow up on them and work out how best to sell a story in so it gets published.

With that approach in mind, we're hiring a sales person for a PR role. Job description follows:

Shoes of Prey is a global online retail brand that allows women to design their own shoes which we hand-make and deliver to them. We’re changing the way women shop for shoes and we’re on track to become a significant international retailer within the next 5 years.

We launched in October 2009 and shot to break-even in under 2 months. Clearing multimillion dollar revenue in under 2 years, the company now has just south of 40 staff, 4 offices globally, and can count amongst its fans: Oprah, Carly Rae Jepson, Rihanna, Victoria Pendleton and many more.

We’re still a start-up so things are scrappy, but we know what matters and we deliver on it every day. We’re passionate about creating magic. Happiness - both personal and professional - is highly valued in our office. Take a look at our culture and values here.

As we grow, we need to hire someone who passionately believes in what we’re doing to pick up the phone and tell the world about us every waking moment of the working day.

Key day-to-day activities

  • Contacting key press targets with valuable and relevant pitches.
  • Planning press targets/campaigns against our company KPIs.
  • Reviewing ROI on every single piece of press we receive.
  • Preparing killer story angles that are so relevant to each person on our press list that they use them more regularly than not and use us as a “go-to”.
  • Ensuring that we have a strong pipeline of assets (image, video, release, fact sheet) to support every single angle pitched.
  • Prepare and execute a global PR strategy with our Head of Marketing.

To be killing it in this role and to be considered an A player on the Shoes of Prey team, here are the 4 key things you will have achieved in this role after 12 months:

1. You not only live and breathe Shoes of Prey’s culture and values, you’ve contributed to growing and developing them. People on the team enjoy spending time with you and are fighting to be able to work closely with you.

2. Press you interact with regularly email you socially and compliment us on having such an incredible team member. They email us first for most stories they’re writing and get upset when we don’t give them our exclusive.

3. The fruit of your work is responsible for 15% of our traffic totals, and noticeably increases our conversion rates.

4. Our global PR efforts will be held up as examples within the PR industry.

Your work experience clearly identifies that you have the following traits:

  • Passion for selling. You’re passionate about our brand and believe it should be covered everywhere. You have no fear of sharing this with people you haven’t met and you can communicate this in an approachable, articulate, confident way.
  • Passion for high volume, high quality work. We have a lot of press opportunities and we are hungry to take them all. You thrive in a high volume work environment and are able to produce top quality results at full pace.
  • Tenacity and scrappiness. You’re able to make things work with the limited resources at a startup. When things don’t go as planned and you’re missing your goals, you’ll go to the ends of the earth iterating, learning, pivoting and doing what it takes to hit your goals.
  • Collaborative. You work incredibly well within teams. You’re inspired by other people and you’re able to draw from and inspire the best in the people around you.
  • Passionate storyteller. You adore nothing more than a well-told story and have a knack for communicating in ways that are compelling, intriguing and exciting.

The total salary package for this role is $40k-$60k (based on experience) including super, bonus and stock options. As with all roles at Shoes of Prey, lunch + snacks + shoes are of course included! The role will report into the Head of Marketing. The role will be based in our new Surry Hills office.

If you think you have what it takes to please email your resume and cover letter to

Required Experience
University education.
Sales experience preferred.
Junior candidate preferred.
Previous PR experience not needed.

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