Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top 25 Small Business Blogs

Telstra's Smarter Business Ideas website has been kind enough to nominate 22michaels as one of Australia's Top 25 Small Business Blogs. There's a great list of blogs there that are all worth checking out and subscribing to. There's a 'People's Choice Award' so feel free to vote for your favourites while you're on the site. :)

They emailed through a few questions which are going up on their site. I thought I'd share my answers here as well.

1. What is the best business advice you’ve received?
Hire people smarter than you.

2. Who was it from?
A whole range of business books and mentors, but I probably first read it in Good to Great by Jim Collins.

3. How did you implement it?
1. We started by taking time out from the business to define the culture and values we wanted to operate by. We put together a draft of these and took them to our team of around 10 at the time and sought their feedback. Here's the first version of these slides we put together. We published these to our 22michaels.com blog. We now live and breathe these values internally and whenever we put together a job description, we now refer to these slides. Sharing with people how we work has not only attracted more people to working with Shoes of Prey it acts as a self selection process. If our culture and values are not attractive for someone they don't apply for a job with us. If someone does apply we know that they're interested in our way of working together.

2. We write detailed job descriptions that outline the day to day activities in the role, what you'll need to be achieving to be 'killing it' in the role, and what experience and traits we're looking for. Here's our most recent job description for a Customer Happiness Wonderperson.

Doing just these two key things, we now get a lot more high quality applicants for the roles we hire for. For that most recent role, a Customer Happiness Wonderperson we received 180 applications! There were so many good candidates that we ended up hiring 3 people rather than the 1 we'd originally planned for.

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