Saturday, January 5, 2013

A belated welcome to the Shoes of Prey team Todd!

This is a late welcome as Todd has been with us for a while now (since July!), and he's even posted to the 22michaels blog a few times, but better late than never! I'm very excited to officially introduce Todd Osborne as the Shoes of Prey Product Manager! :)

Todd has been working on a number of things with us:

  • Working out the priorities for the website (i.e. what should we be working on to make the biggest impact)
  • Managing our product development workflow using JIRA.
  • Communicating internally with the different departments and regional offices to ensure we're all on the same page
  • Keeping us on track with launch dates and goals

Todd hails from the hills of sunny foggy San Francisco. He's spent the past 6 years as a project manager and consultant at a hospital finance consultancy, which naturally led him into women’s fashion! He hopes to leverage this experience, as well as his intrinsic geekiness and an intractable penchant for organisation, here at Shoes of Prey. When he's not at work or fiddling with Apple's latest iDevice, you can find him running or enjoying fine wines, food, and music.

It's really exciting to have Todd working with us and amazing having him on the team for the last 6 months!

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