Thursday, October 25, 2012

Phone systems

We've been using a Skype in number for all our phone calls but we're starting to reach the limits of what this system is good for, so we're in the market for a basic phone system. Below is an outline of what we're after. Does anyone have any good recommendations of VOIP/phone companies they use?

  • We are looking at having (preferably) a phone or VOIP System with approx 5 lines, give or take, with capacity to expand should we need.
  • We would look at having 2 incoming phone numbers. One for media enquiries and general office calls, with 1 line attached, the second for customer enquiries, that would divert to one of the other 4 lines.
  • We need for approx 4-6 handsets, with the ability to transfer calls easily between.
  • The ability to switch phones direct to voicemail when office is closed/all lines are in use.
  • Ability to utilise headsets, either plug in or bluetooth.

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  1. How have you found the quality of skype. I have not been overly impressed but not sure if it is a handset issue?

    What are you finding are the current limitations?

    Is you Skype number transportable?

  2. I don't have any to recommend but I know I would avoid Cisco voip phones.

    We implemented in our company 25 ppl and they're a nightmare to configure and maintain.

  3. We use Good quality audio and service.

  4. Best to check out and discuss with them your needs/ wants etc for a suitable system/ solution.. This is an example of what they did for another company

    rgds, Kurt

    1. Came across this company earlier today who seem to offer a good service and claim to have a sydney based call centre which could be a deciding factor for your new system

      rgds, Kurt

  5. Have you thought about just getting VOIP from your ISP. Eg, IInet has voip?