Monday, September 3, 2012

Amazing Customer Service Story

Worth a read - one of the best customer service stories I have ever come across. And Peter's blog is worth subscribing to.


  1. Michael, given that you seem to be in a bit of a blogging rut at the moment, here's a question for you.

    You suggest that subscribing to Peter's blog is a good idea, and you've previously blogged about how many things are in your google reader. The sheer volume of content created every minute on the internet though is staggering, and while you may agree with some posts and not other posts, in the end you can find articles basically saying that no matter what you do you are doing the right thing. Do you really find it helpful to read all these blogs (which can take a lot of time) rather than either just focusing on your own opinion alone or with face to face / phone discussions with people that you actually know well and trust?

  2. I want to know who Mr/Mrs Anonymous is - he/she needs a hug! I'm happy to provide it! :)

    1. Just a (straight-laced, corporate) friend of 22 Michaels and Shoes of Prey that takes a rather more traditional approach to things and doesn't really buy into a lot of the entrepreneurial / business web content that seems to be published in such abundance - the type of things linked to in the last two posts.

      Sorry if the question seemed hostile. It isn't meant to be.

  3. Hi Anonymous, it's a good question and I'm not a fan of a lot of business books for the reason you describe - there seems to be business books saying pretty much anything you can think of. The same can definitely be said of blog posts. Still, I think it's useful to read blog posts, and the ones I link to on 22michaels are the ones I've personally taken the most from.

    I recently joined a group called Entrepreneurs Organisation and one of the things I like about how they operate is they use a form of Gestalt speech where people never offer advice or share experiences of others, they only share things they've personally experienced to help someone else out with an issue. I particularly like blog posts that align with this - someone sharing things they've experienced that relate to some aspect of Shoes of Prey that I'm working on. I won't necessarily do exactly what someone else has described but it's often great food for thought.