Thursday, August 2, 2012

We're Hiring - Retail Store Manager

Job Description: To passionately create happiness is our first and core company value, is something we prioritise immensely and has been core to our success to date. We love going out of our way to make our customer extremely happy.

Many of our customers tell us they want to see and touch our shoes and materials, and try them on before purchasing. So we're going to open a retail store to allow them to do this. Your role is to provide an amazing retail experience that will inspire the happiness of our customers, you will be responsible for ensuring they're the happiest in the land. As our retail stores grow, the role has the potential to develop into one that includes building out and growing the stores nationally and internationally.

Some of the key day to day activities:

  • Running our brand new, exciting and innovative physical retail store where we'll allow women to design their perfect shoe
  • Preparing and analysing market research
  • Developing and executing advertising and promotional material
  • Formulation of marketing and selling strategies
  • Helping develop and document our customer related systems and processes

Skills Required:

Salary: $40k - $50k (based on experience) + bonus + generous stock options + lunch + shoes. If we hit our goals over the next 5 years you'll do very well out of the stock options.

Location: Our Surry Hills office + top secret Sydney location ;)

The role will report into Dave Knapp. To apply please email a cover letter and resume to


  1. So if I walk into the shop, can I actually buy something that I can walk out with, other than 'extreme happiness'?

    1. It's a good question and we've got some ideas that we're working on so that people have something to take away. Details to come.

  2. clicks and bricks! the first paragraph in your job ad is awesome.

  3. Wow! Congratulations, Michael! I'm so glad to hear that you guys are finally opening your first bricks and mortar outlet! How exciting.

  4. Good luck guys! At Timbuk2 I used to make bags on demand for promotional events, we did a few tradeshows. Walk up, configure, get your bag in about 30 minutes.
    A couple designers set us up with a retail shop near the factory in San Francisco, and I put a few sewing machines in the back so we could make a couple dozen custom bags per day. Great marketing.

    1. That's very cool, making the product while the customer is there is awesome. Hard to do for shoes, but we've been doing some brainstorming around what we can do here... more to come. :D

  5. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing your first store - I am sure you will come-up with great design & customer experience ideas!

  6. Wow! Congrats! If you decide to open a US store, let me know - sounds like a dream job for my shoe-obsessed sister :).