Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model

Last night at 9pm in the UK the latest episode of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model aired in the UK and Ireland. The key challenge in the episode was based around a Shoes of Prey shoot! The models were styled in beautiful dresses with Shoes of Prey shoes, then they were hoisted up into the air for the shoot.

Jodie flew over to London for the filming a couple of months ago and outlined the challenge on the show, and was at the shoot as the client. We watched the episode at 6am in Sydney yesterday over Skype and the show and coverage we received was fantastic!

Unfortunately though, traffic to our site, and therefore sales haven't increased significantly. The company that produces the show contacted us to ask if we wanted to be involved in the show, and the pricing they offered us was very reasonable, but we couldn't negotiate in to have our designer on the show. That's our 'purple cow' and it was easy to miss the fact we're a custom designed shoe company.

Still, it was a fantastic branding opportunity to be associated with the show and we now have some fantastic images and content we can share with existing and potential customers to drive sales over the coming months, so overall a very good result.

The final images from the shoot:

And a behind the scenes video we put together:


  1. nice work! I thought the models were originally lying down but I can see from the vid they are suspended from mid-air. is that normal for a modelling shoot?!

  2. Haha, definitely not normal for a modelling shoot Matt, but part of what made this one different and exciting. :D

  3. Interesting site traffic didn't increase significantly, we must be getting close to the day were a consumer will see an item on TV and buy directly from the screen, can you imagine the spikes in sales?

  4. Hi Michael while a huge fan of BNITM (and the American and Australia versions too!) and of course, the lovely Jodie, I'm not all that surprised it didn't convert to traffic. Like StyleRocks, print & TV exposure helps with general brand awareness and validation - but in terms of driving traffic (and sales), these media aren't as effective as online marketing/PR. Where there's a simple hyperlink from one site to your own is most effective (for us); with a print (or TV mention), consumers have to remember to tear the page out / write the website down, then go to the computer, fire it up and then NOT get distracted by their email and so on.

    The other thing we keep being asked is whether we will provide StyleRocks jewellery to be used in fashion shows / shoots and so on: we've held off on this to date, because it really doesn't showcase the customisation capabilities (as you describe above).