Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to be a CEO in the era of the consumer internet

A fantastic presentation from Bing Gordon, ex Chief Creative Officer at Electronic Arts, current partner at investment fund Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and board member at Zynga and Amazon - "How to be a CEO in the era of the consumer internet".

My key take outs from the presentation:

  • Your company strategy should be able to be articulated on one poster
  • 3 OKRs per person per quarter
  • Measure people on inputs rather than outputs because outputs aren't always in the persons control
  • Have a brilliant assistant
  • Track your own hours and where you're spending your time. Ensure this matches to your personal priorities
  • Great people want a lot demanded of them, ensure you're doing this with your best people
  • Board meetings should be inspiring for you and the board, it should be your best day of the month not the worst
  • Set expectations for board members - what do you want from them?
  • Hire a chief people officer before you hit 50 people. This person is in charge of culture and hiring brilliant people
  • Onboarding - in the first week new hires need their job definition, OKRs and need to know what it takes to 'kill it' in their new job
  • Scare your best people with the jobs you give them
  • Focus on company culture, ensure company values are clearly visible and discussed regularly
  • Build a meritocracy - are there people on your executive team who are 'too young' to be there? There should be

via @nickcrocker


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