Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Retail and media converge

We're currently hiring 5 new Sydney based roles for our Shoes of Prey marketing team. I was reflecting on this and the challenges the media industry are facing and they're related.

TV, newspapers and magazines are struggling to keep their readers' attention as new media sources like blogs and social media capture more of peoples' attention and time. Have a look at 3 of the 5 roles we're hiring for:

These are not roles you would traditionally have in a retail business, they're media roles.

We're hiring for these roles because we, and many other retailers are becoming more like media businesses. We have two blogs, a shoe/fashion blog and a business blog. These take people's time away from fashion magazines and business press. We're very active on our Shoes of Prey Facebook page and there's 82,000 people there who now get some of their fashion news through us rather than traditional sources. We're planning to invest more in our YouTube channel and video content on our website, that's less time people will spend watching fashion content on TV.

Retail and media businesses are converging. I'm not sure what this means for the media industry, but it couldn't be better for retailers, we're finding new and exciting ways to engage with our customers.

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  1. don't forget you've also got email marketing, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, viddy, etc..!

  2. Just wondering how a growing business can cashflow 5 new staff at once! Thats a big hit on the monthly expenses with none of these staff having direct impact on increased sales in the short term. Have you recently raised capital?