Monday, May 21, 2012

Michael Bergdahl - The Critic

The keynote speaker at the AMPCSC BRW Australian Retailer of the Year Awards last week was Michael Bergdahl, author of 3 books on Sam Walton and Walmart including the first retail business book I ever read, The Sam Walton Way. When I started working at Supercheap Auto I asked the then CEO Bob Thorn if he had any good retail business books I should read, and that was the book Bob handed to me.

After watching Michael speak and being presented with the awards for Sneaking Duck I approached Michael, told him that story and invited him to lunch with our team the following day. He shared some great insights with us, including an inspirational verse titled 'The Critic' which outlines how businesses and individuals should deal with criticism which I filmed.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Michael!


  1. Teddy Roosevelt. Its a great quote.

  2. It's actually "The Man in the Arena" speech delivered by Theodore Roosevelt delivered in Paris in 1910. Sadly for us, our leaders most inspiring line is "Moving Forward, Moving Forward, Moving Forward "