Saturday, May 12, 2012

Amazing Presentation

Probably one of the most engaging presentations I've ever seen. It's a beautiful combination of technology and storytelling.

via @vinoaj


  1. Neat presentation! Do you know why the were presentating this? Looks like it was for a city bid i.e. Olympics, World Cup, etc. Any ideas?

  2. Cool huh. Not sure what it was for.

  3. it looks like some sort of inward investment pitch on behalf of the Swedish business community, targeting life sciences, ICT and automation and robotics tech. they are essentially trying to attract businesses from around the world to set up and operate in Sweden.

    These types of presentations are quite common at MIPIM to encourage overseas investment (it brings in a lot of money into the local economy, both in the short and long term).

    The presenters talk about how there is little bureaucracy and red tape to enter and operate, existing expertise and workforce in those sectors and above all, that the Swedish economy is stable!

    The Aussie equivalent would be Invest Austrlia -

    The UK equivalent is London & Partners -

    Your Olympic reference is sort of correct as Inward Investment is a major focus of any Olympic Games. Sydney 2000 is still used as the model example of how a host city can successfully leverage a sporting event to encourage loads of OS companies to set up a base in Australia as a conduit to asia.

    The same is happening in London at the moment. i know this because im currently working on the programme!