Monday, April 9, 2012

Jim Collins and Jack Daly - Action Items

After reflecting on Jim Collins' and and Jack Daly's presentations at the recent Growth Summit I put together a series of action items.

I realised we currently have a culture by default rather than culture by design. Following some recent discussions with our team members, we all want strong values and a culture that we can live by but we haven't really put in an effort to develop and define what we want this culture to be.

This is going to be particularly important as we look to hire another 8 or so people over the coming 6 months.

Action items
1. Is Mike, Jodie and my ambition, ego and energy focused on the company or ourselves?
2. Are we humble and do we have the will to make difficult but required decisions?
3. Do I spend 50% of my time on people?
4. Have we found a cannon ball to focus on? Are we searching for them empirically?
5. What's our fanatic discipline march? Eg. Armundsen's 15 miles per day, rain, hail or shine?
6. Are we being productively paranoid? What could kill our business? How are we protecting against this?
7. What are our 3-5 core personal values? Build these into the core of the business.
8. Do we have the right people on the bus in the key seats?
9. What can we truly be the best at?
10. What's our 15 year big, hairy, audacious goal?
11. What would be lost if our company disappeared?
12. What should we stop doing to increase our discipline and focus?

We've been focusing on working through these points since the presentation. I'll post on the conclusions we come to in a future post.

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  1. Pick up a copy of Nuts! - the story of South West Airlines.

    Its mission was to be the most profitable airline by consistently charging the lowest airfares. They never set out to be the biggest yet after 9/11 its market cap was larger than all US airlines combined.

    Purposefully creating a strong culture that could withstand massive challenges was something the management team invested a lot of effort into.

    I think I have a dead tree version lying around somewhere if you want