Monday, February 27, 2012

What should I blog about?

I'm coming up a little short on blog post ideas of late so I thought I'd put it to readers of the blog - what would you like me to blog about?

Let me know in the comments. :)

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    1. Hi'd be also really interesting in this. Especially in relation to getting custom products made in china and how your internal procedures for managing this have evolved over time.

      FWIW I've just moved to Beijing and I'm having a great time digging around in how business is done over here and you guys seem to be a good example of getting it right when many others have decided it's too hard.

      Care to lift the curtain a little?

      - Nick McIntosh

  2. how to find an untapped market

  3. I would like to know how many businesses (businessii?) you are going to fit under the prey banner? And if you expand further, how will you structure the Fox conglomerate?

  4. If you were to go back and make Shoes of Prey again.

    Would would be the e-commerce tips you'd give to yourself, given that you have already built shoes of prey?

  5. Ecommerce comes down to product and marketing. Would love to hear step by step details on how shoes of prey discovered its manufacturer.

  6. It would be interesting to hear your take on the future of ecommerce. We're headed, what are the trends you can see and where the next opportunities might be.

  7. Michael,

    All of the above topics would be fascinating to me.

    Jonathan, my friend Victor wrote an interesting post on this check it out -

    Anonymous - I am working right now on findin a manufacturer for our customized product, would love to hear input on this. We currently use Alibaba and have subscription to Importgenius.

    Edward - our umbrella company runs multiple small companies, would be interested too on Michaels approach to structuring business entities

    As I put begin putting together our business things that I love to hear about:

    1. Negotiating minimum order quantities without a reputable brand or large purchase orders (we are evaluating the possibility of making locally at break even until our orders ramp up)

    2. What accounting program you would recommend for mass customization businesses (we are currently using Quickbooks, but I wonder if there is a better program out there for our needs)

    3. General input on building the technology - Should your first hire be a developer? As a founder should we learn to code? Is it OK to contract technology needs until the business model is proven? Are we primarily in the technology business / retail consumer products business or customer service business? Or a special mix of all three?

    4. General supply chain challenges - Using the freight calculator on shipping our product is north of $60 for a $200 product. I am curious how and if you negotiate with DHL to secure lower shipping rates.

    Thanks for inspiring us to launch our mass customization business! Will definitely mention your business if we ever get press or get big!



  8. What about Software Development process/procedures? I am interested in what it's like to do Software Development at a start-up. Do you follow particular methodologies such as Scrum? Do you set structured plans and stick to them or just prototype and see how it goes? Did you start with some processes but find they didn't work and change?

    Also could mention more technical things such as which source control is used, how you deal with new technologies etc.

    Are you thinking of trying to switch to HTML5 instead of Flash one day? What about mobile support - is an iPhone version on the cards?

  9. 1. Lessons Learned:
    - Tech
    - etc.

    2. Resources
    - as above

    3. Strategy & Marketing

    4. Stories

  10. Could this be a symptom of trying to cross post (as described in a previous post about efficiency)? It's pretty clear from the above that people are interested in specifics - in this case shoes of prey specifics - rather than generic stuff that can be cross posted to power retail or whatever other sites are around.

  11. What are the top X things you would do differently if given the time again?

    More posts about PR/free media attention would be great? How to write a good PR release? Top mistakes you can make in PR and Marketing? What makes a new release worthy?

    Or you could post about Competition Runner. :)

  12. Agree with Jonathan that it would be interesting to hear your take on the future of ecommerce. I know you've also blogged multiple times about online marketing tools but maybe a 101 on the Top 3 traffic generators to shoes of prey or tools you can't live without (eg. Adwords) might be useful to revisit?

  13. ROI on marketing and other endeavors. What worked and what didn't?
    - Google remarketing, does that work for you? How well?
    - 3D designer, how much did it increase conversion?
    - Jodie's trip to the US, pay off?
    - Awards: do the build awareness and sales, or what value to you see in them for the business?

  14. Would love to hear if you have had any Government funding and how you found the process/traps/pitfalls.
    Wow lots of great topics here though.!!

  15. Hi Michael,

    I'd love to hear the story of your commercial / warehouse space. How you found a place negotiated a lease dealt with any council / zoning regulations. I am finding this a particularly taxing area as our online business is outgrowing its current space.

    Keep up the great blog!

  16. Awesome ideas, thanks everyone. There's a lot of material for some good posts in here and interesting that a lot of people want us to get more specific on activities that are and aren't working for us, more than happy to do that.

    Keep the ideas coming if you think of more and I'll use these ideas for upcoming posts.

    Thanks! :D

  17. Hi Michael,

    Stock management and quality control definately! How the process is, how it can be streamlined, challenges etc. I know you've addressed parts of this previously, but an overview would be great.

    Also, checklists for setting up e-commerce stores, and different functions would be awesome...

    Either way, keep up the great work!


  18. I've noticed a significant jump in facebook fans for Shoes of Prey and Sneaking Duck this year - would love any tips that you can share on this. Obviously you can't force people to like unless the brand is really cool so kudos, but any easy tips you've learned would be great.

    Awesome blog :)

  19. +1 to Ecommerce tips you'd give to an inexperienced you

    How you decide what should be a core capability and thus done in house, vs when to outsource (eg, SEO, SEM, A/B Testing)

    Perhaps a guest blog from one of your team?

  20. I'd love to learn more about how you manage all your inbound marketing.

    Do you use software like hub-spot?