Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We're looking for interns

It's an exciting new phase of growth and we need more hands on deck at both Sneaking Duck and Shoes of Prey in the form of unpaid interns for PR, marketing, operations and customer service roles.

If you’re interested let us know and please do forward to others who you think would be a great fit for us. We’ve had several interns in our office. All have brought skills and passion, and all have taken away learnings and experience covering the start up space, technology and fashion.

Aside from a passion for and/or experience in PR, marketing, operations and customer service, we're looking for proactive, smart problem solvers, with a great sense of fun and willingness to come and get their hands dirty with us in shaping these companies as we grow.

Life inside a start up is a baptism of fire, and while it is a lot of fun it's more guts than glamour. We all take turns at emptying the bin, and we all have big projects to tackle as well. Your days won't be filled with meaningless tasks - everything you do will and must have a direct, tangiable impact on the success of our businesses. It won't be the structured environment that a big corporation can offer (which can be frustrating if you've been indoctrinated into that kind of workplace), however the rewards of being able to develop and implement what you'd like to see the businesses be are great.

You'll also be exposed to two very different phases of start up - one focused on post-launch scaling, the other looking to change gear from bootstrapped to funded. You'll work with and learn from experienced professionals - brand marketing, operations and strategy, media sales, software engineering, photography, design, web engineering and more. If you've been toying with the idea of starting something of your own, this is the perfect risk-free way to "try before you buy".

For unpaid interns, we can look at flexible working arrangements - we’re happy to flex hours to accommodate other activities or academic obligations.

We also have a very relaxed work environment - brand new converted warehouse-style offices in the heart of Sydney's gastonomic and fashion district Surry Hills, with lunch, fruit, chocolate, coffee and tea provided.

What would be your responsibilities? This is the full list of what we need, enough for several people! The exact job spec will depend on experience, time commitment and candidate preference.

Order processing

  • Checking and processing new orders
  • Managing supplier relations and logistics
  • Packaging and dispatch of orders

PR associate

  • Researching appropriate publications and writers
  • Support in designing successful PR approaches for targets
  • Tracking effectiveness

Marketing associate

  • Researching marketing opportunities
  • Support in designing successful marketing campaigns
  • Tracking effectiveness

Customer relations

  • Responding to customers on email, instant message and phones
  • Hosting customer appointments

If you'd like to apply, please send your applications to and

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  1. Haha, yes, we're a pet friendly office!