Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to the team Steph!

We'd like to welcome Stephanie Sandoval to the Shoes of Prey team. She's joining Mike, Mel, Ritwik and Chung as a software engineer.

Steph joins us after having completed a Bachelor of Computer Science & Mathematics at UNSW. While at university Steph was heavily involved in the CSE Revue Society. She was the Producer of the show in 2009 and the Publications Head in 2010. She's also involved with the Robogals Society -- a society that conducts lessons at high school using Lego Mindstorm robots to encourage female students to pursue a career in engineering. In 2011 she was the President of that organisation.

When she's not coding up a storm, Steph enjoys photography, music, baking and computer games. She's also very interested in supercar racing! We're so glad she is joining us full time.

Pleas join us in welcoming Steph to the team.

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