Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our 3D shoe designer is launched!

7 weeks ago we announced the launch of the beta version of our 3D designer. We've been working on adding more design options to the new designer and late last night we switched all the links on the site over to the new 3D designer. Conveniently we were also featured on the large US women's fashion site Daily Candy overnight!

Any additional feedback on the 3D designer is most welcome.


  1. What about your content network ads? Will you leave the "drawing" concept or test the 3d concept? I wonder whether people will understand the design concept of a drawing sketch better for the very first time before they click.

  2. Thanks April.

    Sib - ideally we'd update those images though you make a good point about a drawing helping get the concept across a little better, we'll need to give that some thought. Thanks.