Thursday, November 3, 2011

House of Fraser - Multi-channel retailing

An interesting move by UK fashion retailer House of Fraser, they've set up a buy and collect concept store in Aberdeen, an area where they were receiving a lot of online orders but couldn't justify a full store.

More details here.

via @nottinghillg1rl and @disneyrollrgirl.


  1. was my post deleted because it was slightly off topic?

  2. Hi Anonymous, I'm not sure why Blogger isn't allowing your posts to go up. I'm receiving notifications of them but then they don't actually post. My apologies for this but I suspect it's a bug with Blogger.

  3. burberry launched a mass customization site for trench coats the other day, and i thought it was relevant for what you are working on. as you said above, mass customization businesses are no longer just small businesses.

    you should check out the burberry trench builder over at their site. it's written in flash so i think you're one step ahead, but it might give you some ideas for your own site.

    good luck.

  4. burberry is starting a bespoke service for their traditional trench. i think it's a nice confirmation of what you guys are working on.

    i also wanted to take a second to say that this is my first comment on the site. i spent the past weekend reading every post and every comment starting from 2009 through today. there is a wealth of information on here and i wanted to say thank you for putting this blog together.

    we're working on a new brand in the usa. also footwear for women, but not of the bespoke nature you offer. it's a little bit more traditional but the plan is to sell the line from an e-commerce website. we have industry experience but no experience from selling on the web... information on this site is getting us up to speed.

    thanks again. i wish you guys the best!