Friday, September 9, 2011

Technology Behind Business Interview - Sky News

I interviewed with Nigel Freitas on the Technology Behind Business program on Sky News a couple of weeks ago to discuss online retailing in Australia.

Note the purple Sneaking Duck frames that match my jacket lining and the purple laces on my custom Nikes. ;)


  1. Good interview Michael. Love your comments on how in 15 years time it wont be Online or Offline anymore, it will be a hybrid. Customers should be enjoying an almost seamless shopping adventure combining digital and offline experiences.

    Very excited to hear more about the Xbox Kinnect setup you guys have going in Japan! Is that up and running already? Would like to hear more about the process you guys went through to do that.

    Oh and yeah... Love the new Frames. Looking forward to Sneaking Duck's launch :)

    Ivan (A fellow 4 eyes)

  2. Thanks Ivan. We haven't got the Xbox Kinect set up running yet, still in the early stages of planning that one so will be a little while away.

    Glad you like Sneaking Duck, we can't wait to launch it, should be about a month away!!