Friday, September 23, 2011

Crazy PR campaigns

December 2010 saw an ill-conceived PR campaign by the retail industry to try to have the GST free threshold reduced from the current level of $1,000.

Here's another ridiculous campaign that some in the property industry are attempting to peddle, and it seems they're trying to loop the retail industry in on it. The gist of it: "The retail and property industries are suffering so we need to increase immigration levels so we have more people in Australia to buy houses and the stuff to fill them."

Immigration policy is well worth discussion but there are much more important issues to factor into this decision making than short term retail and property sales numbers and whether we have enough people to sell stuff too.

(It's off topic for this blog but speaking of immigration policy, the current debate in parliament about refugee processing is even more ridiculous than this PR campaign. It would take 25 years to fill the MCG with refugees at the current rate of 4,000 per year. We're a country of immigrants, our culture is, or at least was, to give people a fair go, people travelling here by boat are almost by definition desperately in need of help, offshore processing is ludicrously expensive = process refugees onshore and work with Indonesian law enforcement to break the people smugglers business. Then get on with more important issues like capitalising on our once in a lifetime mining boom and working on an international solution to global warming. /political rant)

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  1. I watched this documentary on refugees and asylum seekers over the weekend and urge EVERYONE to see it if you haven't already:

  2. 4,000 to 5,000 per year arrive on boats. 48,500 overstay their visas every year. Seems wrong to witch hunt the desperate minority.