Friday, July 1, 2011

YouTube TechTalk summary

Last night Suzie O'Carroll from YouTube joined us at our offices to share her thoughts on how startups can use video and YouTube to promote their businesses. It was a really insightful presentation, following are my notes:

1. Why Online Video?
- Online video growth is up and to the right
- Video makes up 30% of all internet traffic. Forecast to trip to 90% by 2015.
- Video is social

Peak online video consumption time is 6pm-8pm during the week and 8pm-11pm on weekends. Matches peak TV viewing time. 2 years ago online time was dropping during those periods as people switched on their TV. That's changed.
- Over 50% of all online video views are with YouTube.
- Video is great for SEO - videos show up in search results.
- 15 months ago 24 hours of video was uploaded to YouTube every minute
- Today this has doubled to 48 hours per minute uploaded

2. Understanding your customer
- Orabrush = 2nd most subscribed channel, behind Old Spice, ahead of Apple.
- Diary of a dirty tongue - new content every Tuesday encourages you to subscribe
- YouTube Analytics provides fantastic feedback on who is watching your videos, their age, country, how they found your site, 'hot spot' showing engagement levels during the video - particular points in the video might engage better than others = great content feedback.

3. Distribution and promotion
- "Content is king but distribution is Gold Almighty" - It's all about distribution
- OVer 50% of video views come within the first week. Important to promote your video during this period to get on trend lists etc.
- Video is social, 150 years of YouTube video is watching on Facebook every day.
- Every tweet results in 7 video views on average
- Orabrush used promoted videos when it first launched. Targeted on keywords their target customer searches on.

4. Engage your consumers
- YouTube moderator - Ask your audience what content they want, other audience members can vote.
- Interactive video - Create different permutations and video paths. Eg. The Streets.
- Lauren Luke - make up how to videos
- 73% of forwarded videos were done to make their friends laugh
- 2-4min videos = perfect
- - what are people watching

Susie then went on to share popular channels and brands that create fantastic YouTube content:
- Home Depot
- Food recipe channels - combining visual tips with linking ti recipes - Jamie Oliver and Sainsbury's
- The Carphone Warehouse - lots of how to videos for their phones
- Toyota US - driving TV viewers to YouTube - demos, spec videos etc.
- Net-a-Porter - lots of great fashion content
- French Connection - Cat Dal, fashion stylist. They also use interactive videos so you can easily look at whichever trends you're most interested in.

Mike asked the very good question, 'Are there any distinguishing characteristics of the most subscribed channels?'. Suzie said it's difficult to put a finger on this, but humour is a key piece.

Thanks so much to Suzie for coming in to share her thoughts with us.

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