Friday, June 24, 2011

TechTalk - Suzie O'Carroll - YouTube

For our next TechTalk we have a very exciting topic and speaker. Suzie O'Carroll from YouTube is going to join us to share her thoughts on how we can build the Shoes of Prey YouTube channel into a marketing powerhouse like our friend Blair Fowler has built up. She'll be sharing her thoughts on what's behind the success of some of the top YouTube channels, the kind of content that works and the audiences who are both watching videos on YouTube and getting involved by subscribing to channels and sharing content. We're hoping to get some brainstorming going on the topic too so it should be a very interactive session.

As we've experienced, video is a fantastic medium for all online businesses, and particularly online retailers, so Suzie's thoughts should be applicable to a lot of different startups.

Prior to joining YouTube last year, Suzie worked as a Digital Director at MindShare and prior to that was a Client Services Manager at Yahoo! so she brings with her some excellent digital and online marketing experiences.

Join us from 5:30pm on Thursday June 30 at our offices for drinks. Susie's presentation will kick off from 5:45pm. RSVP either in the comments or to

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