Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Orabrush and YouTube Marketing

This post was first published to StartupSmart.

The Orabrush is a tongue cleaner designed to cure bad breath. "Why on earth is Michael writing about this, does his breath smell?" you might justifiably be wondering. The reason is that they've done an outstanding job of marketing their business using YouTube and we love a good YouTube marketing story!

The story of the Orabrush and it's success is best told in their own video:

Prior to watching that video and reading about the story of the Orabrush the only thing I would have said that was interesting about the product was how uninteresting and ridiculous sounding a tongue brush was! That video and all the Orabrush videos do a great job of developing an interesting and viral story and giving credibility to a product people may otherwise shy away from.

This is also a good example of how video can work so well as a marketing tool for e-commerce websites. One of the big challenges for an e-commerce site is that potential customers don't get to see and interact with a product or sales people in a store. While it might be possible for a well trained sales person to share some of the Orabrush story in a physical store, that's not possible online and arguably it's a better story told by video anyway.

Interestingly, Orabrush also worked with our favourite video blogger Juicystar07 back in December 2009 before we did, video here!

Hat tip to Bob for passing this one on. If you've seen other companies using YouTube very successfully please pass add them to the comments. And a reminder that we have Suzie O'Carroll from YouTube come to our offices in Sydney on Thursday night to hold a TechTalk, all welcome.


  1. Funnily enough, we were just looking at getting a promoted video done through Youtube. If you make the Title enticing enough for users to say 'hey I wonder what that is?' they will click on it and see it through. Something like 'How to make the perfect shoe in 10 minutes'

    Another great example of an excellent Promoted Video is the NeoCube. It's one of those things you don't need but something that all my friends bought for their office desk after watching the video...

  2. Well executed promo campaign. Beautiful film and music too: