Monday, June 27, 2011

Blogs I subscribe to

A few people have asked me recently what blogs I subscribe to, so I thought I'd categorise them and put a list together here using the 'Bundles' feature in Google Reader. Note that I only subscribe to sources that provide a full RSS feed, truncated feeds that force me to visit a specific site to read the article slow my reading down too much.

For those who don't already use an RSS reader I highly recommend Google Reader. There are lots of great new startups and apps out there that provide different reading experiencing but after trying lots of them I still can't go past Google Reader as the most efficient way to read.

What great blogs am I missing in these lists? Please let me know in the comments. I'm particularly keen to find Australian news sites that provide full RSS feeds, hence my recent subscription to a number of political blogs.

And if you read this blog and write your own and I don't subscribe let me know so I can check it out.


  1. Thanks for subscribing ;-) And my pleasure to subscribe to you. Love your work... (Although I am guessing my'online' content is not as high as it could be - I am really interersted in the 'crossover' and multi-channel aspect.

    My next newsletter will reference your recent SMH article too, just as a heads up.

  2. The irony... your bundles don't show up in google reader and I had to click through to your website to see the list!

  3. Nice list - although I recognise a fair percentage, there's a good number that I haven't checked out yet which will give me some fun reading this evening...

    Mine's - probably best fits into the online marketing area, although it's become increasing entrepreneurial since I started freelancing!

  4. A couple I could suggest - - Founder of CD Baby - Paul Graham (Y Combinator) Essays - Garr Reynolds author of Presentation Zen - Product Manager at KISSmetrics (I've really enjoyed her posts lately)

    I know it doesn't fit into your full RSS Feed requirement, but I can't recommend George Megologenis blog high enough. Great perspective on Australian Politics - (love it when he is on Insiders on Sundays)

    I really enjoyed seeing your reading list. I've definitely added a couple to my Reader.


  5. Great post, Michael, and thanks for the plug! I added a few sites from your list to my Google Reader too.

  6. Dennis - thanks for the reference.

    Dan - I just subscribed, fascinating post re: Gran Turismo!

    Craig - Great suggestions, just subscribed to all those, including George M. Love him on Insiders too. I've never been able to get Paul Graham's RSS feed to work and that link doesn't seem to either. Any other suggestions for his essays?

    Fred - glad you liked the post.

  7. Thanks for the mention Michael!
    I definitely have to spend a few nights trawling through this list and expanding my Google Reader list :)
    Appreciate you sharing all this info!

  8. Try this -

    Hope it works.

  9. Ivan - Thanks, glad you like it.

    Craig - Cheers, the feed words but alas it only gives headings rather than full feeds. Paul doesn't post essays that often so I might just continue to check his site manually.

  10. Wow that's a list, I'll check them out. Check out my small business web design blog, all feedback welcome

  11. awesome list - its amazing what is really out there if you do your research