Saturday, May 14, 2011

Customer Survey - What do you think?

We've been talking to a few potential investors of late and a question a few of them have asked us is: 'Who is your customer?' We have a reasonable idea from customers we meet in our office or speak to over the phone, but being an online retailer we don't have as clear a picture as a traditional retailer might.

We're also keen to understand from our customers what we can improve on so that they enjoy the Shoes of Prey experience even more.

So we thought we'd survey the customers who have made a purchase from us.

Following is the list of questions we were planning to ask. We'd love to hear your thoughts, anything else you think we might want to find out?

1. What is your date of birth: (pre-populated if we have it)

2. How many pairs of shoes do you own:
  • less than 10 pairs
  • 10-30 pairs
  • 30-50 pairs
  • 50-100 pairs
  • 100+ pairs

3. What is the average price you pay for shoes?

  • Under $100
  • $100-$200
  • $200-$300
  • $300-$500
  • Over $500

4. How often do you shop online?

  • Shoes of Prey was my first online shopping experience
  • I shop online a couple of times per year
  • I shop online most months
  • I shop online a couple of times per month
  • I shop online most weeks

5. Which industry best describes the one you work in:
[Dropdown box]
Agriculture, Mining
Communications, Utilities
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate
Full time parent
Health Care
Retail, Wholesale Services

6. Prior to purchasing from Shoes of Prey did you know someone who had made a purchase from Shoes of Prey before?

  • Yes
  • No

7. Prior to purchasing from Shoes of PRey, had you seen a pair of Shoes of Prey shoes in person?

  • Yes
  • No

8. Did you come to the Shoes of Prey website with a specific shoe design in mind, or were you inspired by the site and shoe designer to create something you hadn’t considered before?

  • I came to the site with a specific design in mind.
  • I designed something I hadn’t considered before.

9. For what reason did you purchase your Shoes of Prey shoes? Tick all that apply:

  • I wanted shoes for the office/work
  • I wanted shoes for an event I’m attending
  • I wanted shoes to match a particular outfit I own
  • Shoes of Prey make shoes in sizes I can’t easily purchase in a store
  • Shoes of Prey make shoes in widths I can’t easily purchase in a store
  • I received a Shoes of Prey gift certificate
  • I didn’t have a specific reason, I just wanted to design something unique for myself
  • Other: [Text Field]

10. How satisfied were you with the experience of designing your shoes on the Shoes of Prey website?
Scale: 1 = very unsatisfied. Middle = neutral. 10 = very satisfied.

11. How satisfied were you with the level of customer service you received from Shoes of Prey?
Scale: 1 = very unsatisfied. Middle = neutral. 10 = very satisfied.

12. How satisfied were you with the packaging of your Shoes of Prey shoes?
Scale: 1 = very unsatisfied. Middle = neutral. 10 = very satisfied.

13. How satisfied were you with the quality of your Shoes of Prey shoes?
Scale: 1 = very unsatisfied. Middle = neutral. 10 = very satisfied.

14. How likely are you to recommend Shoes of Prey to a friend?

  • Highly likely
  • Likely
  • Maybe
  • Unlikely
  • Highly unlikely

15. How likely are you to purchase from Shoes of Prey again?

  • Highly likely
  • Likely
  • Maybe
  • Unlikely
  • Highly unlikely

16. Do you have any other feedback you’d like to share with us? [Paragraph text box]

[Submit button]


  1. Q1: Why this question?
    Q2: Fewer than, not less than
    Q5: Why this question?
    Q7: typo & grammar
    Q8: clunky: answer repeated in the question
    Q14: use scale, calculate NPS(net promoter score)
    Q15B: Why?
    Q17, Would you like to be added to our database?

    Incentive? Thank you?
    The fewer questions the better (higher completion rates)- don't just ask stuff because you can.

    Hopefully you don't think I am being pedantic or sarcastic with detailed comments - but the survey communicates your brand to prospects,and besides I like what you are doing in this space.

  2. Two quick suggestions.

    First off - why are you measuring customer satisfaction on Q10-13? I mainly ask because satisfaction = good enough. I'd either make the scale "awful" to "I loved it" (something equivalent) or just ask "What did you think of XYZ?"

    Q14: There has been a considerable amount of research on this question. Scale it 1-10: any 9 or 10 is far more likely to refer than anyone who scored an 8 (or below). That will tell you who your biggest fans are.

  3. my only comment is that you consider using Wufoo surveys. Just got bought by Survey Monkey a few weeks ago. Its a Y Combinator backed company. I've used it and its so good & simple.

  4. Just a bit of clarification with question 2, do you want to know total of all shoes or only designer shoes? Surely you don't want to know how many pluggers and sandshoes they have?

  5. Hi Foxy, first, I'd recommend changing DOB to a drop down of age brackets for privacy and sensitivity. Next, will this suite of questions enable you to uncover actionable opportunities, or just highlight areas you need to work on. E.g. Should you have a section for free text comments on all questions? If someone was dissatisfied with customer service, this will give them the opportunity to tell you why - same goes for positive feedback. Finally, give the option to remove from survey list, as this may start to feel like spam for repeat customers. Good work though, more insight into your invisible customer can only be a good thing

  6. Hi everyone, thanks for the great feedback.

    Q1. Tells us the customer's age (= useful for knowing who our target customer is) and their birthday also allows us to send them a birthday offer should we decide to do that in the future.
    Q2. Done.
    Q5. Helps us with targeting our marketing. Eg. if we find lots of our customers are lawyers perhaps we can try corporate shoe events with law firm social clubs, or target online ads to law firm websites.
    Q7. Type fixed, grammer is clunky but reads ok to me, feel free to suggest rewording it.
    Q8. Agreed, will give thought to rewording this.
    Q14. Brilliant, changed. Hadn't come across NPS before. Details here:
    Q15. Good point, perhaps this could be cut. However there might be cases where Q14 and Q15 give a different results - eg. a customer won't purchase from us again because they have a wide foot and our shoes weren't comfortable for them, but they'll still recommend us because they loved the experience.
    Q17. Good idea.

    Re: incentive, we'll offer free shipping for 2 weeks for anyone who completes the survey.

    Great suggestions, thanks Dennis!

    Jonathan - great suggestions, I've made the scales more extreme in the language used for the lower and upper ends and made them all 1-10.

    Matt - good suggestion though to keep it nicely branded as Shoes of Prey, and to integrate info we already have in our admin area (eg. name and birthday) we're going to build our own survey form.

    Nootn - it's a good point, and one we debated ourselves before writing it. The question just seemed too clunky with clarification wording and we figured most customers will assume we mean fashionable shoes.

    David - DOB - interesting suggestion but we want to be able to do birthday offers. I like the idea of free text fields for each question... I will see if we can do that in a way that doesn't clutter the form. Good thoughts on option to remove from the survey list.

    Thanks everyone. :)