Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shoes of Prey launches in the Netherlands!

Last Thursday saw our official launch into the Netherlands and Flemish speaking Belgium with the Dutch version of our website now live at

The Netherlands has been one of our best markets to date. The Dutch clearly love fashion and designing their own shoes!

Like Japan and Russia we've launched the localised version of Shoes of Prey with a Dutch partner - a company called Distribution Partners lead by Lisette Spaanbroek and her husband Andre.

Lisette and Andre import and have the rights to a number of international hair care products for the Dutch market, so they've been involved in localising international brands in the past. They've also developed an excellent list of PR and media contacts in the fashion and beauty space which they'll be able to leverage for launching Shoes of Prey.

Lisette was in Sydney last week to meet with us and learn the Shoes of Prey processes. It was great to get to know her and we're excited to have her and Distribution Partners as our partners in the Netherlands.


  1. Gefeliciteerd. Dit is uber groei! Petje af voor jou en je team!

  2. Dank u Gary, veel waardering voor. En is niet Google Translate geweldig?! ;)