Friday, April 1, 2011

Custom retail - Gemvara

We've written about custom jewellery retailer Gemvara before, and last week they raised their 3rd round of funding, a massive US$15m round bringing their total funding to US$26m.

They're planning to use the funds to expand their product range and hire a massive 30 new staff! Looking at their jobs page today they have 7 software engineering roles advertised, along with roles including everything from website copywriters to jewellery buyers and quality assurance staff.

It's very inspiring for us to see other online custom retailers growing their businesses so quickly. We're still undecided on the concept of raising capital versus continuing to bootstrap, but it's very interesting to watch the path other custom retailers like Gemvara are taking with this.

Video interview with founder and CEO Matt Lauzon:

Hat top once again to Fan Bi of Blank Label for the link.

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