Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Are you interested in a startup co-working environment?

We're looking for new office space to move into in the new year. We're looking around the Surry Hills / Darlinghurst / Woolloomooloo area in Sydney. We'll likely sign a 2-3 year lease which will mean we'll need to rent a larger space than we need right now, so we'll have some free desks.

We'd love to share the space with some other people working in the e-commerce / retail / fashion / tech startup space. It's still early days so we're not sure exactly what we'll be renting but are any other startups interested in the idea of sharing the space or renting a desk/desks from us? It would most likely work best on a month to month, however if another startup wanted to join us for the 2-3 year term of the lease we might be able to get something bigger and share the lease.

If you're interested feel free to comment below or email me at No idea how much space we'll have or what the costs will be but I thought it was worth finding out if there was any interest.

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  1. Hi Michael,
    We've run into you, Jodie or Mike a couple times at various events. We've just launched our start-up which is looking at connecting people who want to share workspaces. I'll be in touch on email to see whether we can help at all.

  2. Hi Mei, I've replied to your email but just wanted to add here that looks fantastic, exactly the sort of platform we would have used when finding our first office and we'll definitely use it to help find people to share whatever space we end up leasing. Thanks for setting it up!

  3. Thanks Michael, hope you find some great people and some great space!