Sunday, October 31, 2010

Marketing to our existing customers

Something we've not focused on to date has been marketing to our existing customer base. Our repeat purchase rate is reasonable, people like our shoes which is great, but we think we can improve on it and encourage more of our customers to order a second, third and more pairs of shoes.

So we're planning on segmenting our customer base and sending tailored emails/offers to each group of customers, based on what we think they'll like. A couple of ideas for segments and what we'll offer them:

Customers who have designed leopard print or nude patent leather shoes but haven’t ordered those shoes or leather samples yet.
We'll send these customers either the nude patent leather video below or a video we've recently produced talking about designing with leopard print. For Australian customers we'll offer to send them a sample of the nude or leopard print materials along with a few other samples they've used in their shoe designs.

People who have purchased gift certificates from us
We'll send these customers an email showing them our new gift certificate designs and offer to include some leather samples of their choice with the gift certificate. With Christmas approaching we'll remind them that a Shoes of Prey gift certificate is a great gift because unlike other gift certificates the recipient can actually do something fun on the day they receive it - design their own shoes.

Customers who have purchased multiple times from us
We're putting together some trend boards showing photos of celebrities wearing shoes to highlight seasonal trends. We'll email these trend boards to our repeat customers and offer to send them samples of the leather that's on trend.

These are just a few initial ideas. We'd love to get your thoughts on what else we can do to market to our existing customer base.

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  1. Hello, I think existing customers are potentially your best asset and its a great idea to start thinking about how to get the most from. Generally its a bigger investment up front to acquire the customer but cheaper to market to them one you have them. Plus its a fair bet they love (your) shoes!

    I think loyal customers like to be rewarded. I thought I read (maybe on Facebook) that once a customer purchases 5 pairs of shoes they get free shipping for life? True?

    Have you considered any other ideas for rewarding loyalty? offers free gifts and greater discounts depending on how much you have bought previously. If you don't want to erode your price points perhaps a small voucher offering a discount off their next purchase?

    I like the idea of trend boards as I think this helps customers with the confusion of choosing from so many lovely styles and colours.

    Another idea I like from is that they email me to say I can 'pre-order' new season designs (before the start of the season). Basically I can pay online and then as soon as the stock arrives it comes straight out to me. It makes me feel special that I can get in early and secure the new season fashion before others. I think you could use this idea to do some trend forecasting (using US and European celebrity trend boards) where they are a season ahead. This would help customers choose styles and allow time for you to make and deliver them in time for the start of the season.

    Hope this helps!