Monday, October 25, 2010

Creative Marketing Campaigns

One thing I did not expect when we started Shoes of Prey was that we'd be working with Beaurepaires, a car tyre retailer, but that's exactly what we're doing!

Beaurepaires recently launched a marketing campaign targeting women based around the concept that tyres are like shoes for your car. It's very creative and hits a market who probably make most of the tyre purchasing decisions. The idea is that like a nice pair of shoes for your feet, it's important to get a tyre that is the right fit for your car.

As part of the campaign Beaurepaires, with their agency Haystac have set up a Facebook page to promote awareness of their brand and the need to regularly have your car tyres checked, wheel alignments and balancing done and have your tyres replaced when worn. They're giving away a number of Shoes of Prey gift certificates over the coming months on the Facebook page so feel free to like the page and follow the instructions to enter the competition.


  1. "As part of the campaign Beaurepaires, with their agency Haystac have set up a Facebook page to promote ..."

    Haystac needs to pick up their act on the Facebook page! The customisation is not all that crash hot!


  2. Where are you marketing this page? Where is the

    Where are the big sexy pics for the customised tabs? Where is the content!

    This is a bit sexist. "All girls know we love our shoes, but probably neglect our car tyres." Use the creative from the ads!

    You aren't confident with your copy. You make an analogy, but are asking the viewer to validate whether is it correct with "surely". "The fact is both we and our cars need shoes (surely car tyres are just like a car's shoes)." Plus, I think people will get the shoe anology without you having to spell it out for them.

    It's not clear how to enter, unless you scroll down the wall. Again, customised tabs could have big sexy instructions. The page could default to load on a customised tab. Doesn't have to be too fancy, just an image of 520pixels using fbml.

    The company URLs are hidden within the tabs/ What about putting them under the profile pics.

    Haystac, as the creator of nationally and internationally acclaimed social media campaigns, you can do so much better with Facebook.

  3. PS Another thought ... what do you do with the personal details and comments of those who enter? Knowing this might help drive entries. Do you publish the embarrassing stories somewhere? (I for one fell on bald shoes with no grips and had to get stitches in my chin. But I don't want that in a national tyre campaign. HAHA.)