Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shoes of Prey Video Content

One of the key issues affecting our conversion rate is that there is so much choice on the Shoes of Prey website. We now offer over 4 trillion possible shoe designs and customers regularly tell us they have a difficult time making a decision on which shoe to purchase.

We're working on a number of things to help our customers make a decision and one that we've recently worked on has been a series of videos on each of our leather types. Here are a few of the videos form the series:

The full series is on each of our leather pages on our website.

Our theory is that by educating our customers and providing them with more insights into the materials used in our shoes, they'll be in a better position to decide on which material they want to use when designing their shoes and will feel more confident to place an order with us. The videos also talk to the quality of the materials and the workmanship and help to provide a clearer picture of what our leathers and materials look like.

We've had the videos up for a few weeks and we've had a number of customers tell us the videos helped them settle on which shoes to order. Naturally we'll be tracking the results through Google Analytics and hopefully customers who watch these videos are more likely to purchase from us.

Have you seen other online retailers using online video really well? We're keen to experiment with this some more.

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