Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Product Page Research

If you read this blog even semi-regularly you'll have picked up that we're on a quest to increase our low conversion rate.

One of the pages we've updated recently is our product page. It's a key sales page, if you save your shoe design, or click 'Buy' on a shoe from our gallery this is where we take you. The old version of this page didn't have a lot of information on it so we set out to improve upon it.

In researching what we wanted on our new product page I decided to look at how other good online retailers do it and read some blogs on what makes a good product page. I found that a lot of online retailers have very similar product pages. Either they've all copied each other or they've done their testing and similar things work for each of them.

After looking at other sites and thinking through the information a prospective customer would like to see on this page, here's what we came up with:

Some of the key things to note about the page:

  • Lots of photos of the shoe and simple navigation for looking at them and zooming in on them.
  • We have tabs showing you general information as well as info on delivery and returns.
  • There's a big 'Add to Cart' button as this is the action we want people to take.
  • There's nice big leather swatches to give a clear idea of what the materials look like that the customer has chosen.
  • Pricing is clearly listed at the top of the page.
  • There's buttons at the bottom for easy sharing of the shoe on social networks.

We're much happier with this new design that the old one, and hopefully it helps to contribute to a higher conversion rate. Ideally we'd be testing a few different version of it, but for now the next step is to reduce our checkout to a single page rather than the 4 step process we have currently. If you have any suggested changes for our product page we'd love to hear them.


  1. Hey there Michael, I'm a longtime reader, first time commenter. I founded a completely different, unrelated US real estate site,, but the business completely changed as soon as I focused my entire attention on growing the conversion rate. Would love to catchup for a coffee (I'm in Sydney too) if you like and I can share what worked for me and also something I am putting together at the moment, which is a kind of private network of landing page designers. Either way my email is niki.scevak at google's email service if you're interested.

  2. Foxy, See my emails re website opt ideas. Sib

  3. Thanks guys, Niki, I shot you an email and Sib, great ideas in ur emails, thanks again!

  4. Hey there, I am not a UI guy, but your "Add to cart" button is the same colour as your header. So at a quick glance it can easily get lost.

    I was reading here where they changed their call-to-action from green to red and it increased conversion.

    Something to think about...