Friday, September 17, 2010

Customer Survey

We're planning to email a customer survey out to all our customers who have created Shoes of Prey accounts, designed and saved at least 5 pairs of shoes but never made a purchase. While we talk to a lot of these customers over email and phone, we want to get some more solid feedback to understand what we need to work on over the coming months. Here's our planned survey questions, we play to use Survey Monkey to distribute the survey and collect the data:

We’ve noticed that you’ve spent a lot of time creating beautiful designs on Shoes of Prey, but you’ve never ordered from us.

We’re curious why.

Please help us understand how we can make Shoes of Prey even better for you.

As a small token of our thanks, we’ll add a $10 USD (or local currency equivalent) credit to your account if you complete this survey. (*Limit 1 per customer, and invite only.)


How old are you?
Select an age bracket

Have you ever purchased shoes before online?

What do you like about Shoes of Prey?
Text box

What don’t you like about Shoes of Prey?
Text box

What is preventing you from making a purchase?
Text box

What additional features (if any) could we add to the website to convince you to make a purchase?
Text box

How likely are you to refer a friend to Shoes of Prey?
Very likely ----- Not very likely

Do you think Shoes of Prey shoes are good value for money?

Were you aware that you can return your Shoes of Prey shoes for any reason for a remake or refund?

For the $10 USD gift certificate, what currency would you prefer it in?

Thank you for participating. Your answers will help us make Shoes of Prey better for you and the rest of the Shoes of Prey community.

We'd love your feedback. We plan to keep it relatively succinct but if there's anything else you think we should be asking our customers please let us know.


  1. I like to think of market research as one of the most powerful marketing opportunities - when else do you get customers thinking so deeply about you?

    Some more suggestions ...

    Anything you can do to make the survey process as interesting as your web site, do it. Colours, images tone - spend the time to get it right.

    Only ask questions you're actually going to take action on.

    A great way to phrase questions is to start with "if you were in our shoes, what would you ..." That will give you much higher quality responses.

    Careful with money incentives - they often do quite the opposite. Often it's enough to show that you're going to take action on the suggestions. You could ask how each person would like to be rewarded.

    Why don't you ask directly for people to buy on the thank you page - especially if they rate you highly.

    Great idea to post this first to the blog

  2. I agree, try it without an incentive, and if you don't get enough responses, then add an incentive. You'll attract a biassed response.

    Don't ask for features, ask about motivations. Change this question "What additional features (if any) could we add to the website to convince you to make a purchase?" to "What would help you to feel confident about purchasing from us?". People can't translate a need to a solution - that's your challenge.

    Move the demographic questions to the end, put the shoe-related ones higher. Demos put people off, but they'll do it if they've already invested the time in answering the other questions.

    This question bothers me "What don’t you like about Shoes of Prey?" - not sure why!

    And add one last open-ended question, something like "Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?" Let people tell you what they really want to say.

  3. BTW - your blog is a great way to get free consulting! he he.

  4. This is pretty minor and pedantic, but I think the 2nd question should be tweaked to: "Have you ever purchased shoes online before?"

    Or my favourite would be to make it shorter since the word 'before' doesn't add any additional meaning: "Have you ever purchased shoes online?"

  5. Ian - Great suggestion to make the survey look attractive and to direct people to our website to ideally make a purchase after they complete the survey. The money incentive is interesting, as Jeni goes on to suggest we should run a test without it and see what the response rate is like. Thanks.

    Jeni - Great idea to change the features question to a motivation one, that makes sense, as does moving the demographics questions to the end and adding an open ended question at the end. Thanks! And agreed regarding free consulting being a benefit of the blog! :D

    Chris, nice one, thanks. I like pedantic and we'll switch that to your second suggestion. Thanks.