Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Current Affair

Last night the 'design your own shoes' story aired on A Current Affair! I can't embed the video but it's available on their website here:

It came out really well and we've send some tremendous results since it aired. Although the traffic spike in the first 24 hours looks like it will only be around 15%-20% of what we received the day the Juicystar07 video went live on YouTube, yesterday ended up being a record day of sales for us and today may well beat that again, so it hit our target audience in a much better way than the YouTube video.

It will be interesting to see which works better for the business longer term. It may be that the brand engagement that came from 500,000 people visiting our site from the YouTube video means that has a better result overall and that video did have a permanent, very positive effect on our business which it will be difficult for the ACA story to match. However 1.3 million people would have watched A Current Affair last night and if the first 12 hours of sales are anything to go by, this could work out better.

We'll do a full analysis in a few weeks time.


  1. That's awesome news mate! Though, i must admit, those "negative explosive" stories do get a lot of traction!

  2. Are there any more up-market markets/stall type setups you could experiment with around Sydney? For the most part markets won't have the type of clientelle that would buy $300 shoes but if there was a classy market with the right audience it would allow a suitable trial of a retail-type outlet without signing up to such a long-term lease.
    Stalls in a shopping centre come also to mind (as a quick trial) - but it would have to be a predominantly high-fashion shopping centre (Like Chadstone here in Melbourne).