Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blogs I read - I'd love your suggestions for more

I love reading, particularly blogs. I read about 1-2 hours a day, mostly using Google Reader on my iPhone when I find myself with some spare time or lying in bed before going to sleep. Jodie bought me an iPad yesterday and after playing with it last night I reckon my reading is about to pick up another notch or two.

In alphabetical order, here's the 60 blogs on my Google Reader subscription list. It's a bit of a random collection of entrepreneurial blogs, blogs from startups I've come across, friend's blogs and a few shoe and fashion blogs thrown into the mix. It's also random in that I don't always remember to subscribe to new things I come across, so I know there's a lot of good stuff I've come across before that I haven't added in here.

Now I've got an iPad I'm keen to add to this list as I've been finding myself running out of posts of late. If you write a blog and you think it might be of interest, please post a link in the comments, I'd love to check it out. And if you've come across any blogs that fit in the general theme of this list please post it too. I'm particularly interested in blogs by people who are running a startup or business that's along the lines of this blog, or anything good in the retail and online retail space, but I'm open to anything if it's particularly well written and good.

...My heart's in Accra
Adspace Pioneers
Asia-Pacific AdWords Agency Blog
Boehmcke's Human Condition
cdixon.org - chris dixon's blog
Come Together
Current draft
Dave Marsdon's Blog
Food. Fashion. Ferrets.
Founder's Blog
Gawker: Valleywag
Gentlemen's Corner
Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog
Good Business and Marketing Online by Clare Lancaster
Groublogpon - The Serious Blog of Groupon
How to Change the World
Insight-Driven Retailing Blog
InternetRetailing.com.au-Our purpose is to bring traditional retailing
John Quiggin
Lessons Learned
Manolo's Shoe Blog
Mobile CRM Japan
Naomi's BLOG
Ned's posterous
New Rules
Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik
Official Google Blog
Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed
pity the cool
Polka Dot Bride
Retail Trends
Ross Hill
Royce Fullerton
Saasu.com online accounting
Seth's Blog
Shoes of Prey
Signal vs. Noise
Socialnomics - Social Media Blog
Springwise | New business ideas from around the world
Startup Blog
Sticky Stimuli
Style Observer
Tales from the Casbah
The Next Web Australia
The Proper Blog
The Retail Bulletin Blog
Uneven Distribution
World news | guardian.co.uk

What are your favourite blogs?

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  1. these are some that i like to read and may be of interest to you.

    Fred Wilson (VC @ Union Square)

    Jeremiah Owyang (used to be @ Forrester)

    Forrester Consumer Product Blog

    Mark Cuban (Entrepreneur, Billionaire, owner of Mavericks)

    These are some fashion ones I like:

    Their video interviews are awesome, but haven't been updated in a while

    A friend owns this street wear store in Sydney

  2. This is going to sound a little off topic, but check out:

    I subscribed to it when I started working with some not for profit orgs but the content is short, valuable and completely applicable to most of my clients. Stuff like understanding why your customers buy and celebrating them more than yourself.

  3. Thanks Matt and Ian, just subscribed to all those.

    I should have mentioned to, there are quite a few good blogs out there that only offer a snippet of the article as an RSS feed. As good as some of these blogs are I don't subscribe to them because the time it takes to open the full article, particularly on an iPhone where I've traditionally done most of my reading is too long.

    And if anyone knows a great full article Australian News feed I've had no luck finding one. Guardian World News is unbelievably good for world news and I read that religiously, but miss out on Australian news at the moment.

  4. I subscribe to BBC Asia-Pacific. They only mention the big news from Australia which I like. There's enough of the petty news being yelled at me on the radio and TV.


  5. Wow, I cannot believe you ever run out like this!!
    Shameless plug, but since you're in the business: mass-customization.info - I write there about, well, mass customization

  6. David, cheers for forwarding the BBC feed. Looks like it's only a snippet feed rather than a full news article feed? I get too frustrated having to click on snippet feeds and load the full article in a new page, so try my best to avoid them. Looks like I might not have too much choice for good Australian news though.

    Carmen, thanks so much for pointing me to your blog, it looks great! I hadn't even thought to go and subscribe to mass customisation blogs, but I've just subscribed to yours and Prof. Pillar's that you also recommend - http://mass-customization.blogs.com/ Thanks!

  7. Oooh, I like Polka Dot Bride.

    If you want more bridal sites, try:

    http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk - one of the UK's best wedding blogs


    http://www.stylemepretty.com - a fab American one

    114 days till I get to wear your shoes..!

  8. Great list and thanks for the inclusion of my posterous. These days I'm doing all of my blogging at http://mynameisned.com for the sake of simplicity :)


  9. Uhum... http://www.brightlabs.com.au/page/Web-Design-Blog/

  10. Caroline, thanks for passing on those bridal sites, they're great and thanks also for ordering shoes from us!

    Ned, thanks for the update, just subscribed to your blog.

    Farhad - I'm a big fan of your email newsletter. I subscribed to your blog a while back but it only provides a short snippet of the article and I only subscribe to blogs with full feeds (iPhone RSS reading is too slow clicking on links to open articles), so I unsubscribed. If you ever change that do let me know!