Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome to the Shoes of Prey team Qun!

In addition to being in the process of interviewing for our first Australian based employee, we've just hired our second employee in China, welcome to the team Qun!

On our recent trip to China, Jodie and I saw first hand what an amazing job Vanessa was doing for us in our Guangzhou office. And we realised that if the business was to continue growing she would need someone to help her.

So Vanessa has been busy interviewing potential candidates and the stand out applicant was Qun. In addition to a number of years retail experience in clothing and drug stores, Qun has most recently been working in a shoe factory, so she's got the right experience we need to work with Vanessa in our office in Guangzhou.

Interestingly for Mike, Jodie and I, Qun doesn't speak English. None of us speak Mandarin or Cantonese so we'll continue to communicate with Vanessa day to day and Qun will report in to Vanessa.

Qun is apparently also an excellent cook. I made some attempts to cook Vanessa some Western food on my last 2 visits to China, but I didn't manage to source the right ingredients to 'cook' anything other than salad sandwiches or porridge, and clearly taking the team to MFC doesn't exactly cut it. Jodie and I will need to get our act together for our next visit in June if we're going to return the favour for the delicious Chinese food Qun has promised to cook us.

Welcome Qun, we're excited to have you join the team. Or as Google Translate puts it:


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